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HVAC Accessories

Elevate Your HVAC with TEMBO Excellence. From pipe hangers to supports, our TEMBO HVAC accessories enhance system reliability and efficiency.

Pipe Hangers & Supports

  • Adjustable Clevis Hanger, Sprinkler Pipe Hangers

  • Riser Clamps, Lined Split Clamps, Plain Split Clamps

  • U Bolts, U strap clamps

  • Adjustable Roller Hangers

  • All kinds of pipe rollers

pipe supports group.jpg

Vibration Isolators

  • Cased and Open Spring Mounts

  • Spring Hangers

  • Inertia Base Frames

  • Neoprene Hangers and Floor Mounts

  • Modular and Multi-Layer Pads

Vibration Isolators Group.png

Expansion Joints & Flexible Connectors 

• Threaded Pipe Joints
• Flanged Spherical Pipe Joints
• Control Units
• Flanged SS Expansion Joints w/ Control Rods
• SS Expansion Joint with Threaded Pipe Connection

Flexible connectors.png

Piping Accessories

  • Dielectric Unions

  • Gauge Cocks

  • Automatic Brass Air Vents

  • Dielectric Flange

  • Heavy Duty Air Vents

HVAC accessories.png
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